In first grade my art teacher, Mrs. Stanton first identified me
as an artist and handpicked me for Saturday classes in her home.
I began noticing letterforms in sixth grade when I found
a Speedball lettering book in the process of doing a circus poster.
When I went off to college to study art I discovered
calligraphy through the child-like wonder of Arnold Bank.

As one who reveres the Holy Bible as God's words,
calligraphy became a natural link between my art and spirituality.
During my time at Carnegie I was also influenced
by the contemporary visual expressions of faith in the works
of Ben Shahn and Corita Kent. Additionally, my graphic design training
gave me tools for clear and powerful communication.

Three years in Japan taught me the freedom of the brush
and a broader understanding of space and asymmetry.
In most of my work I am making word pictures - words expressed
to look like what they mean. My work is characterized by variety,
a reflection of my observation of nature. The frequent joy
comes from my personal experience with the gospel of Jesus.

Imaginative appropriateness sums up what I have learned
from my experience in publishing. I'm always trying to come up
with fresh ideas which get right to the heart of the message.

I am currently working with Masterpiece Ministries
whose purpose is to help young people identify and develop
their artistic gifts in the context of Christian community.

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